• Sustainability and
         Environmental Sensitivity

    Sustainability and
         Environmental Sensitivity

NF Kimya was established in 2009 to manufacture and technically sell textile auxiliary chemicals and technically sell textile dyestuffs.

It continues its activities in its facility with a capacity of 4000 tons/month in a closed area of 7000 m2 on a plot of 10,000 m2 in Denizli Organized Industrial Zone and serves the textile enterprises in our country.

NF Kimya, which is expanding its organization network throughout the country day by day, continues its activities in many regions of the world, especially in Turkey. It provides services in every region of Turkey, in Pakistan and Uzbekistan with its Personnel and Warehouse areas.

With the incorporation of Enkimteks in 2017, our optical brightener production capacity under the ENBRITE brand became 500 tons/month.