About Us



NF KIMYA is established in July 2009 relying on the experience we have gained in world-leader companies on the marketing of textile and dyeing auxiliaries.

She has been serving the textile industry in Turkey by continuing her activities in a 3000 m2 covered facility in a 9500 m2 land at Denizli Industrial Zone with a production capacity of 1200 tons per month.

NF Kimya, targeting mainly the companies in the Aegean Region, has spread her distribution network all over Turkey in a short period. NF Kimya has been serving her clients all over Turkey through her warehouses and employees in all regions of Turkey: Aegean Region (Denizli, Uşak, İzmir, Manisa), Marmara Region (Çorlu, Çerkezköy, İstanbul, Bursa), Mediterranean Region (Adana, K. Maraş), Southern Eastern Region (G. Antep, Ş. Urfa), Central Anatolia Region (Kayseri), Eastern Anatolia Region (Malatya).

NF Kimya has started the production of optical brighteners in 2013 and with an investment undertaken in the machinery park in 2016 total capacity is increased to 250 tons per month.

By 2015, NF Kimya has started exporting her products to Egypt, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan parallel to her international market strategies.

NF Kimya, adopting continuous innovation and development, has been increasing her solution oriented service opportunities in her laboratories by investing in Research & Development and production. NF Kimya has been providing her clients with the fastest and suitable services.